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690V 60Hz active harmonic filter

690V 60Hz active harmonic filter

Specifications Patented technology of ripple crisscross cancellation strict thermal design amorphous materials...
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Product Details

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Hoteam
Model Number:HTQF series rating compensation current:30~600A
mains voltage:690V-20/+15% mains frequency:50/60Hz+/-5%
filter range:2~50th filter frequency:>97%

Product Description


Patented technology of ripple crisscross cancellation
strict thermal design
amorphous materials reactor-low noise






Introduction of Functions

Harmonic Filter:HTQF is composed of command current computing circuit and compensation current generating circuit. Command current computing circuit conducts real-time monitoring of current in circuit; switch the analogue current signals into digital signals, and send the signals into DSP for handling; separate harmonics and fundamental wave, send drive pulse in form of PWM signals to compensation current generating circuit; drive IGBT power module, produce compensation current input network which has the same amplitude as harmonic amplitude and inverse polarity; compensate or balance out harmonic current, eliminate power harmonics actively, and thus realize the dynamic quick and complement treatment of power harmonics.

Dynamic reactive power compensation: While filtering harmonics, according to detected need for reactive power compensation, HTQF command current computing circuit can control internal capacitive and inductive fundamental current of compensation current generating circuit, conduct real-time compensation, set the target value of reactive power compensation through operation board. There are 4 working modes for choice, namely, “filter priority”, “reactive power priority”, “harmonic filter only”, “and reactive power compensation only”. The working mode should be selected according to specific conditions of power distribution system.

Correct unbalanced 3 phases:HTQF can compensate the unbalanced 3 phases respectively. It can conduct phase adjustment of active power through DC Energy Storage Systems shared by 3 phases, thus to correct unbalanced load of 3 phases. The operation of this function can also be set by operation board.



HTQF xL-0.6 technical parameter


HTQF 3L-0.69/xxxA   three phase three line power filter  



Apply to 3P3L system, filter was connected among three phase of power grid, it is suited to power system with or without neutral line, it can filter none-zero frequency harmonics, compensate reactive power and phase unbalanced.

Compensation current of single cabinet







Working voltage

690V     -20/+15%

Working frquency

50/60Hz ±5%

Performance index

Filter capacity

Can be more than 97%

Filter range

2~50th harmonic

Filtering effect set

Can set separately to each harmonic

Response time

Transient response<0.1ms,

complete response<20ms

Reactive power compensation

Setting range of power factor is from inductive0.6 to capacitive 0.6

Balance compensation

Programmable balance of power

Special technology

multilevel technology, can reduce current ripple effectively

Overload protection

Automatic current limiting when 100% rating output

Power loss

≤3% rated compensation capacity

CT requirements

3 sets,0.2magnitude or more,secondary 5A

Current detection means

Source current detection or load current detection

Display and interface



Display screen

Touch screen

Operating button

Start/stop,reset,menu,confirm,fluctuation function keys and so on

Indicator light

green:normal operation

orange:over current/overload operation

red:machine halt or alarm

Communication interface


Communication protocol


Digit I/O

4 digital input,2 digital alarm


Unit operation


Parallel operation

10 sets at most




RAL7035(light gray),can be customized according to use requirements

Environment condition


Indoor installation



Storage temperature


Relative humidity

Max 95%RH(no condensation)





Suitable for industrial big capacity load, such as rectifier, frequency converter, UPS, IF furnace, A rc furnace and so on.


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