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Reactive Power Compensation Equipment

Reactive Power Compensation Equipment

Specifications reactive power compensation high equipment's reliability adopt high speed noncontact switchgear...
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Product Details

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Hoteam
Model Number:HTEQ V 33-0.4/420/7 rating voltage:400V
rating currents:448A actual compensating reactive power:310Kvar
compensating steps:7 external dimension:1000*1000*2200 standard MNS machine cabinet
color:RAL7035 or as you requested mains frequency:50/60Hz±2%
Power factor:0.85-1.0it can be designed Power loss:Full load1.5% rating compensation capacity
Noise:≤60 dB

Product Description


reactive power compensation
high equipment's reliability
adopt high speed noncontact switchgear
no inrush current impact

reactive power compensation


Characteristic1.      MPU is the test and control center. It detects on load reactive power on real time, calculates compensation capacity in high speed, judges and controls according to preinstall switching logic.2.      Adopt high speed noncontact switchgear made by thyristor, prompt response, high reliability, long service time 3.      Automata tracking equipment switches capacitor bank constantly when system is zero transition, transient time is very short, implement dynamic compensation of reactive power in high speed4.      No inrush current impact during the process of switching capacitor, no service overvoltage, little switching destabilization, small capacitor bank decay, low error rate.5.      active response time is shorter than 20 millisecond, power factor dynamic compensation is higher than 0.95, inhibit voltage hunting caused by reactive change6.      contain harmonic-suppressed reactor inside, capacitor stress is small, no harmonic enlarge and resonance danger, work stably in distribution system with high content of harmonic7.      capacitor bank switching controller adopts code and cycle working method, switch rapidly and precise, reduce capacitor stress, increase capacitor’s service time8.      implementing split phase active compensation, suited for various kinds of unbalance impact load9.      Capacitor switching threshold and response time can be programmed, conversion between auto switching control and manual switching control, debug and test easily, wide applicability.10. multi hardware and software anti-interference measures, high anti- interference ability, working stably11. multi hardware protection such as self-test function, overvoltage protection and over current protection to confirm equipment operate stably12. detect system voltage, current, active, reactive and power factor before/ after compensation automatically13. digital control and parameter install, Chinese display LCD, RS485 interface, standard MODBUS communication agreement, computer remote monitoring, history recording function14. multi module operate parallel, install and debug simply, maintain conveniently Main technology parameter
Rating compensating capacity100 - 2400 kvar
mains voltagethree phase 380V/690V±15%
mains frequency50/60Hz±2%
Power factor0.85~1.0(it can be designed)
Response time 20ms-30s it can be chosen by need
Power lossFull load less than 1.5% rating compensation capacity
Noise≤60 dB
Protection functionAbnormal voltage protection; over load limitation; system error protection; system overheat protection
External dimension mm1000×1000×2200 standard MNS machine cabinet×N
Storage Temperature-40~85 °C
Serving temperature-25~55 °C
Relative humidityless than 95%,not condensation
altitudeReduce rating capacity in higher altitude


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