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high voltage static var generator-10KV SVG

high voltage static var generator-10KV SVG

Specifications stronger voltage flicker suppress ability diversified compensation function wider operating range...
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Product Details

Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:Hoteam
Model Number:HTSVG -10KV work voltage:10KV ±15%
Work frequency:50/60Hz±2% Reactive power output range:Rated inductive to rated capacitive reactive, continuous adjustment
Effective response time:Transient response<0.1ms, complete response≤10ms

Product Description


stronger voltage flicker suppress ability
diversified compensation function
wider operating range
faster response speed

high voltage SVG


Main functions

(1)maintain receiving end voltage, strengthen system voltage stability

(2)compensate system reactive power, improve power factor, reduce line loss, save energy and reduce cost

(3)suppress voltage fluctuation and flicker

(4)suppress t hree phase unbalance

Technical advantages

SVG is the most advanced reactive power device at now. The compensation device based on voltage source type inverter has realized a qualitative leap of reactive power compensation mode. It not longer use capacitance and inductance devices of large capacity, but through high-frequency switch of high-power electronic device to realized conversion of reactive energy. Technically speaking, HTSVG has the following advantages compared traditional reactive power compensation device:

(1)faster response speed

SVG response time:≤10ms.

Traditional SVC response time: ≥20ms(if too fast, may cause oscillation of  reactor and capacitor).

SVG can complete interconversion from rated capacitive reactive power to rated inductive power within a very short time, this incomparable response speed completely can be competent to the impact load compensation.

(2)stronger voltage flicker suppress ability

The suppress of SVC on voltage flicker can be 2:1 at most, while SVG can be 5:1 or even higher. Being subject to the limitation of response speed, SVC’s voltage flicker ability will not increase along with the increase of compensate capacity. But as SVG has faster response speed, increasing device capacity can continuously improve its voltage flicker suppress ability.

(3)wider operating range

The output current of SVG is not depend on the voltage, performed as the characteristics of constant current source, can work among the ranges of rated inductive to rated capacitive, has wider operating range. While the nature of SVC is impedance compensation, the output current and voltage have linear relation. So when system voltage reduces, SVG can proved greater compensation capacity compared with the same capacity SVC, the characteristic of voltage and current are as follows, prompt:(if SVG is accompanied with fixed capacity of the same capacity, can constitute dynamic capacitive reactive power compensator of 0-2 times of the capacity, cost effective is more)

    (4)diversified compensation function

HTSVG not only has fast reactive power compensation functions, but also can compensate load harmonic current, negative-sequence current and other power quality problems based on user actual requirement.

(5)excellent harmonic output characteristic

HTSVG used carrier phase-shifting PWM technology and power unit cascade multilevel technology, harmonic content produced by itself is very low, no need filter at device output side.

SVG can output not only reactive current approximate sine wave(no harmonic, for grid compensation), but also the setting number harmonic current(for load harmonic filtering), the output current of SVG output current is fully active and controlled, fully meet the needs of the users;while SVC generates a lot of uncontrollable harmonic current, and comes with a large number of uncontrollable passive filter branch to realize self-generated harmonic current filter.

(6)small floor area

As no need of high voltage large-capacity capacitor and reactors to save energy, the floor area of SVG is only 50% of SVC that with the same capacity.

Performance features

    Higher efficiency,lower wastage

1.multi-H bridge power unit casecade multilevel technology and carrier phase-shifting PWM modulation technology, output voltage,current harmonic distrotation rate are low, harmonic loss is small, so is the system loss;

2.multi DSP and FPGA cooperative control, high control accuracy,fast speed;

3.can filter as many as 20 kinds of harmonic, can filter to 25th harmonic at the maximum, and can also separately set each harmonic.

More functions,more modes

1.settable harmonic gradation compensation function;

2.a variety of load compensation function, has “harmonic preferred”,“reactive power preferred”,“harmonic filter only”,“reactive power compensation only” four kinds of woring modes;

3.a variety of system compensation function, has“voltage control”,“reactive control”,“power factor control” working modes;

4.balance compensation function, can balance the load current of each phases;

5.RS-485,RS-232,TCP/IP port,standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol, and computer remote control function.

More stable,more reliable

1.optical drive, safe,reliable,high anti-interference ability;

2.multi protection function, strict thermal design, guarantee safe and reliable system running;

3.advanced control algorithm, adapt all kinds of complicated field and stable operation, and operate in parallel with capacitor compensation bank;

4.digital control, English LCD display;

5.fault self diagnose function;

6.history event record function.

Higher power density,easier installation and maintnance

1.control system,power unit use modular design, higher power density, easier installation andmaintenance;

2.can parallel operation, meet all kinds of compensation capacity requirements;

3.automatically limit current if output capacity is full, no need to worry about over load;

4.can choose either source current and load current detection mode, convenient site installation.


Technical parameters


HTSVG-xx/xx   Hoteam SVG   




    Apply to three phase three wire system, filter connect among three phases of grid, canfilter no-zero order harmonic, and compensate reactive power and unbalanced three phase.

Unit compensate current



Working voltage


Work frequency

50/60Hz   ±5%

Performance index

Start mode

Self-excited start, small start shock current

Control power supply

380V±20%, include free maintenance UPS power supply

Reactive power output range

Rated inductive to rated capacitive reactive, continuous adjustment

Reactive power output characteristics

Current source output, still output rated capacitive reactive current when system voltage reduced to 20%

Compensate control mode

System compensation or load compensation

System compensation function

Voltage regulation,reactive power regulation,transient stability control,damped control

Load compensation function

Power factor compensation,voltage flicker suppress,harmonic compensation,load unbalanced compensation

Filter cap

2~25th harmonic

Filter number set

Can separately set to each harmonic

Effective response time

Transient response<0.1mS, complete response10mS

Specific technical

Chained multilevel technology, effectively reduce current ripple

Overload protection

Automatically limit at 100% rated output


More than 97% when full load

CT requirement

3, 0.2 level and above, 5A at secondary side

Current detection mode

Field programmable source current detection or load current detection mode

Display and port




10 or 15inch touch screen.

Communication port


Communication protocool


Digital  I/O

4 digital input, 2 digital output

Product configuration

Unit operation


Multiple operation

5 sets in parallel at most

Protection level

IP3X(please contact manufacturer for higher protection level)

Standard color

RAL7035, can be custom made

Device dimension

Up to detailed model

Ambient condition


Indoor installation, clean ambient

Ambient temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

Max 95%RH(no condensation)


Not higher than 1000m(can be higher altitude by reducing capacity)



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